Sway Vibes

Sway Vibes

Sway Vibes

Sway Vibes vibrators zijn speciale, siliconen vibrators, ontworpen met oog voor design en functionaliteit. Het merk richt zich op de moderne, stijlvolle vrouw die weet wat ze wil. Sway Vibrators zijn gemaakt van siliconen, waardoor ze ongelooflijk zacht aanvoelen en gemakkelijk de vorm van het lichaam aannemen. Verkrijgbaar in diverse modellen en kleuren.

The Sway brand

Sway is a brand that stands for stylish and contemporary products. The name is derived and inspired by swinging and sensual movement. This brand focuses on the modern, stylish woman who knows what she wants. Especially young women between the ages of 20 and 40 who are independent but who choose to enjoy themselves can agree with the products of this brand. Where Samantha – you know that sensual, spirited blonde from Sex and the City – would have chosen the Magic Wand vibrator, today’s woman chooses Sway. Contemporary and all from now. Sway is the sensual brand of 2016!
Designed with special attention

The Sway Vibes vibrators are all designed with special attention. This means that a team of experts has devoted extensive attention to the development and design of the products that this brand contains. In this way, the customer not only benefits from quality and affordability, but also from extensive product knowledge. The products of this brand are, as the brand name suggests, all stylish and sensual. You can see that reflected in the design. The head of the Sway N01, for example, is less coarse and more sensual compared to other wall vibrators. This makes the look and feel of this brand appeal to most women!

About the products

The (wall) vibrators from Sway Vibes are special vibrators. A glance at these models and you immediately see what they stand for: quality, modernity and functionality. The models are made of silicone, which makes them feel incredibly soft and easily take on the shape of the body. In addition, the Sway N01 has two powerful motors in both ends, so you can use this type of vibrator in multiple ways. They can be charged within two hours with a USB cable, making them also very modern. In addition, these wall vibrators are also very affordable. That makes them a favorite item for every woman. And have they been seen available in three different modern colors?

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